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Creative People/Artists
help_1Many potential Picassos have been derailed by internalizing judgments of others, perfectionism and negative beliefs about themselves. It’s easy to become your ‘own worst enemy’ and block your creative flow. We help you overcome the blocks and empower your artistic expression.

Are you ready to become an empowered and fulfilled creative artist (actor, writer, dancer, musician…)? Do you want to make your own life a unique masterpiece? Gain insight and perspective on your life journey so you can realize your full potential.

We can help you resolve the challenges common to creative temperaments:

  • Heal patterns of feeling blocked, stuck or defeated
  • Release perfectionism: lack of permission to succeed, or fail, or pursue an artistic path
  • Replace perfectionism with a new goal: mastery and excellence
  • Resolve unconscious fears of outshining others
  • Overcome the fear that, “If I get better I’ll lose my creativity/inspiration”
  • Increase motivation – and the ability to manifest creative ideas
  • Sharpen focus – manage many ideas at once /¬†complete projects
  • Improve ability to receive feedback without taking it personally or getting defensive
  • Release the fear of something wrong with me/feeling alienated or”‘different”
  • Overcome addictions – learn how to channel creative energy more constructively

My healing sessions with Laurie are a delightful experience. Her approach is warm and compassionate. She combines different healing modalities and uses her intuition to get results that are eye-opening and effective.
– Adrienne, painter/post producer, Malibu, CA

As women ourselves, we understand the issues you face in the modern world. We have special techniques to balance and recharge the different aspects of your femininity, increase your self-worth and get you more in touch with the Real You.
We offer compassionate healing and assistance with the following:

  • Increasing your self-love quotient
  • Healing underlying emotional causes of weight issues and eating disorders
  • Boundary issues – more personal empowerment, healthy balance of giving and receiving, ability to say ‘no’ and feel good about it
  • Resolving relationship problems and unhealthy patterns
  • Healing sexual problems – to experience more joy and fulfillment
  • Feeling emotionally distraught/overwhelmed by emotions
  • Turning point/crossroads – gaining clarity for big decisions and healing for major challenges in life (i.e. divorce, death of parent, etc.)
  • Challenges with children
  • If you can’t get a diagnosis or the healing results you seek – we can help you discover and resolve the unconscious root causes of emotional and physical distress for quicker, more complete recovery

Since the healing group regarding romantic love, I’ve realized that I have more love for myself and my body. I seem to walk differently with more energy and pride and respect for myself. I feel as though the shame I had about romantic love and sexuality have completely fallen away. I feel my “flame”, my “light” is easier to tap into that and turn on. I’ve also started losing inched on my body as though my body no longer needs the extra weught or fat to protect it any longer. Thank you so much.
– Shirl, Los Angeles, CA

Business Professionals & Entrepreneurs
help_4We have several strategies for businesses who seek a win-win approach. We help by clearing subconscious blocks to success and prosperity, offering group education/healing for employees, and space clearing for harmonious work environments.

Everyone wants to earn a good living doing what they love. We only feel truly fulfilled when we work in a way that allows us to be of service, while at the same time expressing our unique gifts.

A happy employee is a productive employee…our space clearing creates a more harmonious environment, and our energy group healing helps build a more confident, productive, team-oriented staff, aligned to the goals of your business.

We help you fulfill your potential on the path and help magnetize your business for prosperity and success:

  • Resolve patterns of being blocked, stuck or defeated
  • Release unconscious patterns of self-sabotage
  • Let go of perfectionism with a new goal: mastery and excellence
  • Overcome the unconscious fear of outshining others
  • Increase motivation and the ability to manifest ideas
  • Sharpen focus and increase ability to complete projects
  • Heal childhood issues and traumas that can unconsciously block success

It’s nine months later, and everyone still comments about how relaxed and creative our office makes them feel. I believe your work actually helped us get more clients.
– Kyle, owner of Santa Monica based new media company

Medical Professionals
help_3We respect medical professionals and love collaborating with them by enhancing the effectiveness of their medical treatment and decreasing recovery time. We have experience helping patients release deep-rooted, often unconscious sources of physical symptoms.

How we can help you serve your patients and clients:

  • Discover and resolve unconscious root causes of emotional and physical distress for quicker, more complete recovery
  • Help them gain insight and understanding from illness – to prevent recreating it and to come out the other end more self-aware, whole and complete
  • Prime their body and consciousness to receive maximum benefit, minimal harm and faster recovery from drugs and surgeries
  • Attitude has everything to do with healing and recovery. Our work helps people permanently shift attitudes to become more optimistic and hopeful

Our work can also help you get even better:

  • Healthy boundaries with patients and clients
  • Compassionate neutrality – to keep from being overwhelmed by their challenges and needs
  • Access to intuition – to better trust your gut instincts and act on them decisively
  • Self-expression and empowerment to avoid rote approaches
  • Balance in giving and receiving. Health professionals tend to give a lot and can benefit by becoming more receptive to life’s blessings and support from those around them