Who We Are

Our Philosophy: the future is written in pencil.

We may be unaware of all the forces working inside of us, yet we are not victims of genetics or destiny.

A dose of energy healing today brings a different experience tomorrow.

You can erase the inner blocks and re-create your life as a masterpiece.

What We Do

weare_1We get you more connected with your inner wisdom and personal power to unlock your limitless possibilities. We want to see you connected with your soul, living in alignment with your authentic Self – so you can make the most of your life and share the best you have to offer with others. Explore What We Do.



How We Do It

weare_3Everyone is different and we have the utmost respect for each individual’s free will. We’ve found that a creative, intuitive approach yields the best and most efficient results. With a synthesis of psychological principles, medical intuition and energy healing techniques, we excel at uncovering and resolving the deep root causes of life challenges. Explore Services We Offer.

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Our Practitioners

Laurie Lamson

Laurie Lamson April 2016 72 dpicallus_frontpageREVbyLL 2016Laurie is an advanced medical intuitive energy healer with 11 years of experience.

The daughter of a clinical psychologist and electrical engineer, she brings a caring, thorough, practical approach to the metaphysical world of energy medicine.

A sensitive, intuitive child, she wanted to be a writer from a young age.  As she pursued a film and video career, she was always on a quest for personal growth, and gained deep insight into the special challenges of creative people like herself.

Although she didn’t intend to go into the healing arts, Laurie was trained to work with energy as part of her own life journey. When she gave healings to her friends she achieved amazing results, which inspired her to continue learning and practicing healing techniques.

She offers her own unique Soul Medicine style of energy healing with the intention to alleviate suffering, empower others and help them achieve their soul purposes. Check out Laurie’s Soul Connect Radio podcast.

Jolé Morton

JoleI0211As a young child, Jolé was a natural intuitive and became aware of the influence spirit has on the physical body. Introduced to metaphysics by her father, she began studying everything from the Dead Sea Scrolls to the Egyptian Mystery Systems at the tender age of twelve.

On her personal path of healing and self-discovery she acquired firsthand knowledge of the benefits of energy medicine.  This awareness sparked a burning desire to be of service and help others connect with their own inner healing power.  By integrating esoteric teachings with scientific training, she honed her intuitive skills to accurately identify patterns in the mind and body that cause discomfort and disease.

She specializes in insightful intuitive readings that assist clients in connecting with their own intuition to affect positive life changes.  Check out Jolé’s Education & Meditation Video blog.