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We’re two down-to-earth, intuitive energy practitioners who love helping creative people like us get more grounded, confident and empowered.

Learn more about each of us.

Our Philosophy:
"The future is written in pencil."

Meaning… an individual’s future is influenced, but not pre-determined by genetics, family, or traumatic experiences. 

Our choices each day pave the path to our future.

It’s possible to recover from negative patterns and traumatic experiences more quickly and easily than you might think.

Our purpose is to help you get more connected with your own soul, so you can access more of the authentic Real You, and experience more, joy, peace and freedom.

We want to see you living up to your potential so you can make your life into a unique masterpiece.


Everyone is different and we have the utmost respect for each individual’s free will.

We’ve found that a creative, intuitive approach yields the best and most efficient results. 

With a synthesis of psychological principles, medical intuition and energy healing techniques, we excel at uncovering and resolving the deep root causes of life challenges. Explore What We Do.


Soul Medicine Energy Healing addresses specific problems and empowers your mind, body and spirit’s innate healing ability – to unlock your limitless possibilities.
Intuitive Reading provides compassionate, life-affirming insight and validation for your inner wisdom.
Soulful Space Clearing to clear interference, heal past trauma, and set powerful positive intentions so your surroundings support your wellbeing and productivity.


Jolé Morton

Jolé specializes in insightful intuitive readings and ongoing energy support that assists clients in connecting with their own intuition to affect positive life changes. She is an expert at healing chakras.

As a young child, Jolé was a natural intuitive and became aware of the influence spirit has on the physical body. Introduced to metaphysics by her father, she began studying everything from the Dead Sea Scrolls to the Egyptian Mystery Systems at the tender age of twelve.

On her personal path of healing and self-discovery she acquired firsthand knowledge of the benefits of energy medicine.  This awareness sparked a burning desire to be of service and help others connect with their own inner healing power.

By integrating esoteric teachings with scientific training, she honed her intuitive skills to accurately identify patterns in the mind and body that cause discomfort and disease.

Laurie Lamson

Laurie is a compassionate medical intuitive energy practitioner who brings an innovative, down-to-earth approach to the metaphysical.

Her expertise in energy medicine is a perfect fusion of her parents: her father was an inventive electrical engineer with a physics background while her mother was a clinical psychologist who started one of the first sex therapy clinics in America, and later became an expert in child abuse cases.

So Laurie grew up with an unusually broad perspective on sex. She is qualified to take her mother’s work to the next level and help clients’ resolve sexual problems and heal from past abuses.

Laurie developed Soul Medicine – a toolkit of powerful techniques that alleviate suffering and help others achieve their soul purposes. She also pioneered Soulful Space Clearing – a uniquely thorough approach to identifying issues and healing buildings.

Laurie is the author of Inner Yoga, a book of the most effective simple self-care tools that put healing power in your own hands. Also check out her Soul Connect Radio podcast.