Energy healing and reading can help with all areas of life:
Love & Relationships
Work & Success
Personal & Spiritual Growth


solve_1Just ask Dr. Oz: the cutting edge of medicine today is energy medicine. Energy medicine acknowledges the quantum nature of the universe, and the reality that mind, heart and spirit are interconnected. Nowadays it is common sense that physical distress and illness usually originates with a lack of inner harmony.

We enjoy getting to know you in person, yet most of our modalities can be conducted just as effectively over the phone. Even major physical results have been achieved with long-distance healing.

Physical symptoms represent the push most of us need to find out who and what we are and how to better express ourselves. They provide an opportunity to take more authority in our own lives and discover what untapped gifts we have to share.

So there are usually unconscious causes for what ails us, and these remain unaddressed by traditional medicine. Often psychotheraphy and alternative approaches can only go so far to resolve them.

To receive the full magnitude of the gift hidden within discomforting symptoms, we have to dig deeper. When we resolve the true underlying causes, the healing takes place naturally – often with surprising and pleasant side benefits.

Laurie Lamson is an extraordinarily gifted healer! I was so sick with mercury poisoning and Laurie helped me get through the worst stages of the detoxing.
– Mary Kent, Holistic Journalist/Health Counselor, South Carolina


solve_2Psychological symptoms are often formed as part of a “survival mode” approach to painful or traumatic childhood situations and overwhelming emotions.

Emotional stress is also caused by limiting beliefs – whether conscious or unconscious – which generate negative emotions.

Though the feelings are unpleasant, modern biological research indicates our body cells can get addicted to the chemicals released by the brain as it entertains negative thoughts.

Anyone who has every been addicted to cigarettes, coffee, sugar, or anything else, knows it is not a simple matter of making up your mind…you feel physically compelled to repeat the addictive behavior.

Until the unconscious mind is reprogrammed with new beliefs (like a hard-drive with new software) the brain and body will have a similar computation to keep repeating the negative thought patterns and experiences.

Intuitive Readings and Voyager Tarot Card readings also help you gain insight, perspective and a deeper connection with your inner wisdom.  Readings help validate your inner knowing, strengthen faith in your own intuition and help set you on the path to a better life.

This work with you is the most powerful I have experienced…you are able to help take people to the deepest darkest waters and help them come back with their soul intact; with dignity and hope.
– Barbara, Clinical Social Worker & Author, Pomona CA

Love & Relationships

solve_3A lot of people find themselves stuck in limiting old-school beliefs about love and relationships. perhaps with the nagging feeling, “Is that all there is?”  Many of us are seeing a new paradigm for our closest relationships as we shift into a new way of thinking and being.

Improved relationships with others start with an improved relationship with ourselves.

  • Improve your self-love quotient
  • Overcome feelings of hopelessness and loneliness
  • Healthy boundaries including healthy self-nurturing and self-discipline
  • Resolve childhood issues and traumas that are interfering with your current love life
  • Break the cycle of commitment phobia or emotionally unavailable or incompatible partner

Laurie helped me an enormous amount to get over the psychic pain  of the breakup of a romantic personal relationship that was over as  well as an enormous and painful crush on someone else where the  feelings were not reciprocal. I literally felt the pain vanish from my  insides as she worked to heal me. She is blessed with special intuitive gifts. I highly recommend her services.
David B., Entrepreneur
Hollywood, CA

Work & Success


Money, like sex, has the ability to bring out the worst in people. Many people are either chasing it, or, often without realizing, running away from it. Either approach brings a lack of harmony.

Many people are exhausted by their work, because they are working for money rather than a higher purpose and are out of harmony with their own soul purposes. Many are exhausted by giving too much service to others, to the point of ignoring themselves and their own need for joy.

Targeted energy healing helps clear the internal blocks to career success, self-expression, and abundance.

In addition, the newest member of Soul Connect offers a combination of astrology, numerology and good old-fashioned listening to help clients resolve issues and find validation.


Personal & Spiritual Growth

solve_4We are affected by the energy around us. The more chaotic the energy, the more stressful the environment. An environment infused with peaceful, positive energy is much more conducive to good mood, well-being, and physical health.

Many of us are unsure who we are or what we want out of life. Some of us have a strong sense of purpose, but we feel blocked, disconnected, or just unable to take steps on our own behalf.

These and other personal challenges can lead to mental confusion, emotional discomfort, physical symptoms and, if left unaddressed, serious diseases.

We all carry some baggage and tend to identify it:

  • Society’s or other people’s demands; our own unrealistic expectations
  • Stored or unprocessed shocking and challenging experiences, traumatic experiences
  • Hurts, disappointments, grief, shame, resentment
  • Self-protective barriers, self-defeating behaviors, limiting beliefs

But it is not necessary to keep re-experiencing all the drama. Personal growth (and healing) come from gaining perspective – getting the positive lessons from experiences so you can release the emotions and forgive yourself and others. This allows more of the Real You to shine.

Things that previously mattered in a negative manner and were hurtful for me – over time become less aggravating and sometimes even got so much smaller that I forget they were a previous problem. And built into my healing sessions, Laurie has offered ideas and directions where I might head in my career – always insightful and on the mark, and suggestions that I would never have thought of on my own. She’s great. I highly recommend her services.
-Sherry, social worker and book editor, Billerica, Mass.