Trans-Cultural Creation and Bella Gaia by Kenji Williams

Laurie Lamson April 2016 72 dpiBy Laurie Lamson

I attended the State of the Arts Symposium at the L.A. Center last Saturday… well, actually I didn’t show up til the last 3 hours of the event. Wish I had arrived earlier because the one panel discussion I caught was thought-provoking: Trans-Cultural Creation: The Global Landscape of Arts and Media

I was most impressed by the wise, articulate and surprisingly young Tala Mohebi, Editor-In-Chief of Public Diplomacy Magazine from USC. The latest (Winter 2010) issue is all about ‘Cultural Diplomacy’.

Excerpt From the Editors by Tala Mohebi, Katharine Keith, John Nahas, “Governments, non-state actors, multinational corporations and influential individuals have all, at some point, utilized culture as a tool for communicating and relating to foreign as well as domestic audiences. While this is common practice, it is not always correctly identified as cultural diplomacy. Our goal in this issue is to bring together the history and theory that underpins this element of diplomacy in order to recognize its value as well as its limitations. Our lead articles, found under the heading ‘Connecting Through Culture,’ touch upon the numerous debates that surround cultural diplomacy as a practice.”

I especially enjoyed the World Without Walls article. 

The SOA Symposium wrapped up with a fitting presentation that blew my mind. BELLA GAIA is a film shown in giant projection on a dome ceiling to simulate a space travel experience. I believe the director’s goal is to impart the same kind of paradigm expansion astronauts had viewing Earth from a distance – and to me, he succeeds in much more than that.

Director Kenji Williams combined NASA footage, visual exploration of select locations around the planet, super fast time-lapse photography of polar ice caps receding with each passing year, animated text of astronauts’ formulas and simple yet powerful graphics comparing what’s happening on different parts of the globe (such as oil consumption). The soundtrack consists of a few astronauts’ powerful observations – in their own words and a world beat instrumental score accompanied by Kenji himself playing the violin live.

A celebration of Bella Gaia, our beautiful Earth – I found this to be a powerfully moving not-to-be-missed experience. A true work of art with the potential to open people’s hearts and minds to the bigger picture of living here together on this planet.

And this film is a living thing that continues to be updated with new images captured by NASA and National Geographic photographers around the world.  Again, if you have the opportunity to see this in person, it’s NOT TO BE MISSED!






The Need for Sensitive Politics in the Quest for a World Without Walls

The River Denial: Those Little White Lies

by Jolé Morton

Some see denial as a saviour. Some say denial is what helped our ancestors survive during harrowing trials and tribulations. What is denial actually? Webster’s defines it as:

1: refusal to satisfy a request or desire

2a (1): refusal to admit the truth or reality (as of a statement or charge).

 I am learning that the truth differs for many and at times we remain in denial to stay in our comfort zone. Facing the truth takes courage because the truth can be ugly and hard to deal with. However, I have learned that if we deal with truths on the front-end – in the present – at the time they are happening, we save our self from dire consequences later on. Speaking the truth allows us to know ourselves better; gives us permission to continue to make choices that are best for our souls. This in turn fuels our confidence making it a lot easier for us to embrace our strengths and weaknesses.

For me denial has been that thorn in my side. Ever since I can remember, a form of denial or– let’s just let the cat out of the bag – lying, has saved my ass on many occasions.

Today, I chose the unadulterated truth. This truth-seeking has me going through withdrawal symptoms. I find certain situations challenging and this confusion has a tendency to immobilize me. Makes me very nervous and anxious; I must stop and take the time to work through my own cognitive dissonance before I can react, and sometimes it is too late. The moments can and do evaporate.

Truthfully, I feel at times like I must deny my real feelings and desires in order to please others, or be accepted. For so long, I believed that my own feelings and emotions did not matter, so now they are difficult for me to recognize. In the past, when I spoke the truth my memories are of being ridiculed, disciplined or shunned. I rarely remember speaking my truth and being accepted for it. So I made it a habit to go along with status quo.

I am moving away from this cowardly behavior. In order for me to truly heal myself and others, I must be the truth not just speak it. Also, I must be mindful how I “speak the truth.”  Truth is compassionate and does not judge. It delivers Denial itself from a place of neutrality, unattached from any emotion.. .but baby steps for me. We will address that topic in another blog. In the meantime, ask yourself, “Am I comfortable speaking my truth? If not, why not?”


Evolutionary Leaders and Cultural Creatives

Laurie Lamson April 2016 72 dpiby Laurie Lamson

Evolutionary Leaders

Saw the Evolutionary Leaders event on 8.31.10 live streaming on the web. There were some technical difficulties, especially with the sound, but I didn’t allow the buzzing to deter me.  (You can listen to A Worldwide Meditation For Oneness the Evolutionary Leaders put out on 11.1.11.)

I had doubted whether all those leaders were really going to be on one stage and yes, indeed they were, except for Marianne Williamson who was conferenced in. It was well-orchestrated with each speaker only having a few minutes to sum up their message. This was a wonderful approach – never boring – and all these nutshells of wisdom building on one another added up to a powerful surge of inspiration.

Portrait B Lipton NZCC 4768
Bruce Lipton

One of my favorite speakers was Bruce Lipton who gave a simple, very clear explanation of four erroneous scientific assumptions most societies have been operating under for far too long. These assumptions make us feel like helpless victims of biology and life – they’ve since been proven wrong, but they’re so ingrained most of society is still operating under what have turned out to be limiting beliefs. Dr. Lipton elegantly proposed the small adjustments needed to correct each of these mis-assumptions – if we take these to heart they offer great hope for us individually and globally.


barbara marx hubbard
Barbara Marx Hubbard

Barbara Marx Hubbard has been seeking the good in our evolution for the last 60+ years and I encourage everyone I meet to see her HUMANITY ASCENDING documentary – it helps keep me optimistic and I quote it often.

What stood out the most for me was a speaker I wasn’t familiar with (name?) She related that think tanks around the world are studying how a small group of only 200 artists and philosophers, financially supported by only one family (the Medicis) managed to pull Western civilization out of the Dark Ages into the Renaissance era. True, there were a lot less people living at that time, and it only lasted about 25 years. Still, it goes to show that a small group of committed people CAN have a big effect on the world.

Looking at the seeming obstacles to our evolution, it is easy to feel defeated. I have felt it myself many times – I think it was Marianne Williamson who talked about thousands of children dying from starvation – every day. That is disheartening.

However, millions of people living today share these values and characteristics (and many others):
• Strong awareness of the planet-wide issues (i.e. climate change, poverty, overpopulation, etc.) and a desire to see more action on them.
• Willingness to pay higher taxes or spend more money for goods if that money went to improving the environment.
• Want government to spend more money on education, community programs and the support of a more ecologically sustainable future
• The importance of developing and maintaining relationships
• Understand the importance of helping others and developing their unique gifts.
• Intense interest in spiritual and psychological development.
• Desire equity for women/men in business, life and politics.
• Concern and support of the well-being (& freedom) of all women and children.
• Are concerned with big business and the means they use to generate profits, including destroying the environment and exploiting poorer countries.
• Want to be involved in creating a new and better way of life.

cultural creativesCultural Creatives

The turn of the millennium saw a name being coined for these strange beings – they are the Cultural Creatives. Lately, it is estimated 35% of the U.S. population share these values – and with that large of numbers, real change is quite possible, if we only insist on creating the humane and just world we envision.

These facts have renewed my lifelong hope and vision that we can change and adapt as a species to become more cooperative and just. Barbara Marx Hubbard says evolution is always in the direction of more cooperation and she sees a new type of human emerging – what she calls Homo Universalis.

Environmental disasters like the BP oil spill have made it clear that all of the whole is effected by whatever happens to the parts so we need to and we are starting to see ourselves more universally – as part of the same human family and ecosystem.

Cultural Creatives are pushing change. Ralphs is trying to look like Whole Foods, Pepsi wants to be associated with peace and love, the A.M.A. wants to take over alternative healthcare…. We just have to recognize our own power to help our species evolve and answer the inner inspiration to action.

So I say, let’s take heart in the fact that change is happening in all areas – business, health, education, environment, more equitable personal relationships – and we can all be part of helping these changes happen – Cultural Creatives and Evolutionary Leaders Unite!



We Are All Responsible

JoleI0211By Jolé Morton

San Bernardino was the latest tragedy mirroring the fact that we are all responsible for the negativity and pathological behavior being manifested within this realm. False flag conspiracies and government propaganda aside, we must face the fact that our individual negative behavior feeds this kind of mass destruction. How we treat ourselves and others contributes to our environment and our realities.

When we hurt, judge and send negativity towards individuals and institutions, it reverberates out into the world. I know this firsthand because lately I have felt this negativity in my life on a real level. I have felt this within myself and I have observed it in others. Quite a few people are going through rough times and feeling the vice grip of change. 

For the record, love is the only attribute that has the ability to transform negative energy into positive energy. The rose is a symbol of this transformative energy; which is why it is used to convey the message of love.

I challenge myself and everyone else to really let go of negative feelings and judgements we may want to place on ourselves and/or others. How do we do this? By first stopping and taking a breath. Then consciously dropping our thoughts down into our heart chakra. Let’s allow our hearts to speak and make decisions for us because oftentimes it is more in alignment with our highest self. Speak and act from that place first, then allow logic to inform action.

Stay away from the people and the things that upset you. I know it can be hard for those of us going through loss or betrayal, but let’s try and get ourselves to a place where we visualize positive outcomes; focusing our attention on the highest and best in ourselves and each other. This is a practice and a ritual that we can no longer afford to put on the back burner. People are dying and hurting because of ego madness. We each have the ability to at least – if nothing else – help turn the tide of negativity in our own environment by underscoring our actions with love. How do we do this? By cleaning up our own toxic behavior and responses to it.

Yes, I feel hate in my heart for certain institutions and people in this present moment; my ego would like to see certain individuals burn. This is just truth. I am not perfect. But I recognize that this thinking and feeling has to go. It is holding me back and contributing to the negativity in my life and our society. We can ask for help, but ultimately it is up to us, individually, to move towards changing this perspective. Please remember – We are most definitely our brother’s keeper and what goes on in our minds and our hearts become manifestations in the world.

Much love to you all.



Help for the Garbage Heart

JoleI0211by Jolé Morton

I know it sounds harsh, however, it is necessary for us to examine, even if only periodically, the thoughts and feelings going on in our hearts. Yes, I said ‘thoughts’ when referring to the heart because I believe the core of the subconscious dwells there.

Subconscious-ness permeates throughout every cell of our body, it is contained within our blood and conducts energy into our aura layer. When we are out of alignment with our true selves and fail to overcome self-sabotaging behaviors, it is because our subconscious (heart) and our consciousness (mind) are out of alignment with one another. Meaning, the heart is communicating, but due to the trauma (garbage) within our cells, the messages to the brain from the heart are short-circuiting.

We put quite a bit of emphasis on the mind, but in my experience, it is love – which comes from the heart – that has the power to transform. As a Theta Healer and Soul Medicine practitioner, I work with a client’s subconscious to transform conscious behaviors. Basically, I put the mind into a relaxing state so that the heart of the issue can come into focus. It is our heart chakra that bridges upper (intangible/spiritual) with the lower (tangible/physical.)

For example, oftentimes anxiety and stress are “sensations/feelings” which emanate from the chest area. People describe the sensation as butterflies, shortness of breath and/or a squeezing sensation. This is the subconscious communicating that the situation or thought is triggering a programmed unconscious pattern stored with in our cells. Causing us to react negatively or in ways that fail to serve our highest good.

One of the ways to begin changing these behaviors is by examining what is contained within our hearts and facing our deepest darkest selves. Asking our hearts to answer the questions – that we usually rely on our mind to work out for us. This is essential for integrating our shadow behavior with the Source of our highest selves. I advise all my clients to ‘drop their awareness into their heart chakra’ when meditating, interacting with others and when making decisions. The heart will tell you the truth. The mind has a tendency to obsess and deceive.

I realize that in some situations it is necessary to consult with the information stored in the annals of our mind, such as common sense; but if we really want to make decisions in alignment with what is most beneficial for ourselves and those around us, it is best to consult with our hearts. Because the heart is connected to love & compassion within the Universe helping us to remember the “former things of old’. The knowledge, although intangible, resonates within our cells. If only we would or could listen.

Nevertheless, the heart can be damaged by us failing to release past hurts and emotional injuries which blocks the truth within – akin to spiritual “scar tissue.” This is why it is important to breathe and self-partner (go within). When we self-partner, we move out of denial and begin listening intently to the messages our soul sends. This will assist us in recognizing the garbage stored in our hearts, so that we can begin to release it, which in turn opens up more space within the channels, allowing for clear communication between the heart and the mind. Hence, transforming negative actions into positive behaviors.

Some questions we can ask ourselves to facilitate the process are: Am I holding onto negative experiences and disappointments? Am I clear on what my boundaries are? Am I capable of forgiving and letting go of past hurts? Am I truly in touch with how I feel? Let your heart and body answer the questions. Let your mind relax and receive the messages.

Happy International Peace Day Sept. 21

Laurie Lamson April 2016 72 dpiby Laurie Lamson

Here is info on Intl. Peace Day, see below for info on our FREE HEALING DAY to prepare for Peace Day, how you can help yourself become more peaceful inside, and my new short Kindle book “The Quest For Peace.”

intl peace day icon

What Is International Peace Day?

The PEACE ONE DAY documentary by activist Jeremy Gilley takes you on a moving and inspiring journey – a highly recommended movie to watch. You can see the whole thing above.

Prepare for Peace: a Free Healing Event

Date: Sunday, September 18

Time: noon-3pm

Location: Creative Chakra Spa, 3401 Pacific Avenue, Marina del Rey, CA 90292

Free energy reading and healing with Soul Connect practitioners Jolé Morton and Laurie Lamson.  Stay connected for updates.

We welcome other health practitioners, yoga teachers, anyone interested in sharing your gifts to bring inner peace to our guests – connect with us.

How can you bring more peace into the world?

By becoming peaceful inside of yourself.

You can set your intention to be a thermostat who sets and holds the temperature – CREATING your own context, perspective and experience – when others around you are acting like thermometers – REACTING  to every external stimulus.

  1. Breathe. Taking deep breaths helps calm the brain and the sympathetic nervous system out of it’s fight or flight reaction.
  2. Focus on the big picture.  The more you expand your awareness and focus on your overall goals, the more the little things fall into perspective and the less they bother you.
  3. Remind yourself, “It’s not about me.” We tend to take the reactions of others personally.  Recognizing it is someone else’s button getting pushed opens the possibility for understanding and compassion rather than anger and frustration.
  4. Remind yourself, “This is about me.”  When our own button gets pushed it’s an opportunity to get curious about why, instead of blaming the other person for pushing it.  They are there to help me see I have that button, giving me a hidden blessing if I can look past them, deeper into myself for healing and solutions.

Quest For Peace Cover_main2“The Quest For Peace”

“The Quest for Peace” is a short story inspired by Peace Day written by Soul Connect’s Laurie Lamson, about a young man’s quest for peace in the Middle East – available as a Kindle book.

It offers an energy healer’s perspective on a suicide bomber, with the theme being, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

Heart Chakra: The Importance of Forgiveness

by Jolé Morton

The heart chakra is one of the most transformative areas of the body and soul.  Transformative because once we have the heart to look inside of ourselves and gain insight and acceptance, we show a life-changing potential for healing.

Usually, the heart chakra is associated with love.  Although love is at the core and a very important attribute of the heart chakra, it is equally important to recognize some of the building blocks of love.  Since love can be so abstract and broad, with some of us unsure of exactly what love looks like, I think it is important to get a grip on some of the behaviors and attitudes that cultivate love.

I believe forgiveness to be one of the most important aspects of love and the heart chakra.  Especially forgiveness of self for all our past mistakes and missteps that may have us feeling unmotivated.

Recently, I went through a rough patch that originated from the dysfunction in my heart chakra.  I realize now that a part of me wanted to transcend my current situation, so I took on heartbreak in its worst form.  Compassionately, the Divine in me, manifested a difficult experience so that my negative thoughts and behaviors could come to the surface to be removed and my heart chakra healed.

In the beginning stages of the heartbreak, I was deeply wounded, despondent and unmotivated. No matter how much I affirmed and set goals and breathed with the intention of self-love, I could not get the necessary soul traction to maintain positive emotional momentum.

The Power of Forgiveness

However, once I began to work a program that focused on forgiveness – especially forgiveness of myself – which had me actively working to let go of past hurts, humiliations, bad decisions and missed opportunities, I began to see a clear and positive shift in my energy.

What I came to understand is that love is made up of other components. It is a house that is built upon many positive behaviors.  For me to reach a place of love, peace, calm, etc, I had to first locate and connect with the forgiveness in my heart.  Forgiveness is what melted away the ice:  the layers and years of guilt, shame and humiliation, that blocked that basic part of myself from maintaining self-love, motivation and the necessary discipline to move through the pain.

Even Johns Hopkins has written about the importance of forgiveness on health and well-being.  The stress caused by a lack of forgiveness is backed by scientific research, which proves that holding grudges leads to illness and disease – especially heart disease.

Start With the Self

So, if you find yourself angry, unmotivated and inconsistent, it is most likely time to forgive and let go of past hurts, embarrassments and failures…starting with the self.



Three Messages

by Laurie Lamson

Connecting with my inner child on my birthday so I did one of my favorite things which is to walk on the beach.

One way to develop intuition and receive valuable information is to ask your Higher Self or guardian angel to present you with three messages while you go for a walk.  These were my messages and how I interpreted them.

Grounded Transformation

Lots of shells that look to me like butterflies, and butterflies represent transformation.  “Butterflies in the sand” jumped to my mind and I interpreted this message as transformation that is real and grounded, not fleeting or airy-fairy.


 Harmonious Relationship

A little girl and boy peacefully seeking shells together.  Watching these two kids  sharing the mission of collecting shells as a team was very heartwarming.

Powerful Energy Is Everywhere

I was surprised by this little explosion in a tide pool that reminded me of several things:

  • Powerful energy is all around us.
  • Getting “splashed” by a surprise can be a welcome wake-up call, a chance for a laugh, or an unpleasant experience, depending how we interpret it.
  • A narrow “tunnel” to focus our attention and energy can have a big impact.

Sun Sign: Cancer

The Crab is the symbol of my astrological sign Cancer so I took it as an extra message to find not one but two little crabs during my walk.  My horoscope on said that your birthday is naturally a day to honor yourself and a good time for new beginnings, so be ready for change, and starting a project is favored. 













Mystic Journey Opening

by Laurie Lamson

Attended the opening of the new Mystic Journey Crystal Gallery on Lincoln Blvd. in Venice, California the other night.  This is a sister location to the beloved Mystic Journey Bookstore on Abbot Kinney Blvd.

These huge rocks are amazing!  I could really feel the unique energy emanating from each natural large crystal and geode.  I believe they mostly come from Brazil.  Highly recommended to visit.  They also offer yoga at this location.


IMG_2623 black and white crystals
IMG_2622 golden crystal
IMG_2620big white crystal
IMG_2617 Mystic Journey purple heart crystal
IMG_2618 purple heart and guest Fabai
IMG_2616Elephants at Mystic Journey
IMG_2615 Mystic Journey
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What Is a Witch?

by Laurie Lamson

According to Wikipedia, “Witchcraft, in various historical, anthropological, religious and mythological contexts, is the alleged use of supernatural or magical powers. Historically, it was widely believed that witchcraft involved the use of these powers to inflict harm upon members of a community or their property.”

Ever since the European witch hunts of the Middle Ages, witches have had a bad reputation in Western culture.

Witch-hunting was common and legally sanctioned in Europe for 300 years, reaching its fever pitch from around 1550-1650 – when thousands were found guilty on flimsy evidence and mean-spirited accusations.

Given the huge numbers of alleged witches who were killed, in retrospect, this witch fever has been diagnosed as mass hysteria. Here is a fascinating “gendercide” article on a number of these factors and some myth-busting about the witch hunts themselves – as well as chilling information about witch hunts going on today – especially in South Africa.

“Magic’s just science that we don’t understand yet.”
― Arthur C. Clarke

One factor not discussed in that gendercide article but still relevant: there were certain people who understood the power of plants – the calming, tonifying, healing and aphrodisiac effects of various herbs and combinations of herbs – and this must have seemed like magic.

In those times, the medical establishment then (as now) treated patients a tad more aggressively.

Feel sluggish? We’ll attach a few leeches and drain your blood.

Have a sore on your leg? We better cut it off.

The results were fairly hit and miss and these doctors of medicine didn’t appreciate a mere woman getting results with her “magical” concoctions. It must be the devil’s work!

Yet my idea of a witch was formed from THE WIZARD OF OZ, the TV show Bewitched, Grimms’ fairytales and other stories. These stories emphasized that a Witch was defined by how she chose to use her special powers. The Wicked Witch of the West intimidates and enslaves others for selfish reasons, while Glenda uses her power to spread love and help Dorothy with her personal growth – more like how we think of an angel.

So to me a witch is someone with special powers with the free will on how to use them. She might be tempted to harm others if she is self-centered, greedy or uncaring.

Or she can use her powers for good if she wants to contribute to the well-being of others and the planet.

I wrote a book for girls called Witch Littles: Magic In The Garden.

A handful of people suggested I take the word “witch” off the cover because some people would be offended or frightened by it – even though the cover is light and playful, indicating these are “good witches.”  I was truly surprised by this – after all, we’ve had a steady supply of entertainment featuring witches both good and bad.   Are people really scared of a children’s book witch in this day and age?

What I realized was that I wanted to help reinvent the word “witch” – so long associated with a negative, frightened idea about self-empowered women. In this story, my little witches communicate with nature and discover how powerful their intentions and words are – that we have a real effect on the world around us. Because they are motivated by love, they choose to use their powers for good. It’s a sort of “Law of Attraction” for kids.

Don’t we all have this choice?

We each have gifts and powers – and we each have free will choices to make every day. Do we hide from our own power, pretending we’re helpless, feeling like a victim of life? Do we use it to manipulate, cheat or hurt others? Or do we use our gifts and powers to do good, to share our talents and love with the world, to offer our assistance where it’s needed? If so, Glenda the Good Witch could be an example of how to do this gracefully – she was there to help, without imposing her own agenda on Dorothy.

So what’s the difference between magic and miracles?

A miracle is an unexpected event attributed to Divine intervention.”  To me, magic is using our free will and positive intentions to work with the Divine – the unified field – the infinite wisdom, unconditional love – whatever you call it – to bring about the positive results we desire – even if they seem impossible to achieve on our own.








Soul Connect Radio: Pilot Episode

Maori statue


Intro to Soul Connect Radio and hostess Laurie Lamson

What is a soul?

Maori Healing technique.

Featured Music:

“Feeling Good”    Nina Simone
“Descent Of The Heavenly Beings”    Marjorie Valeri

#MeToo Group Healing Clinic

The #MeToo movement / campaign has brought to the surface much suffering and trauma.

We see it as an opportunity for healing.

This is an extremely personal issue and also a societal problem. We need to become healed and empowered as individuals if we want our lives and our society to change for the better.

If you’ve ever been sexually harassed, humiliated, degraded, assaulted or traumatized, this healing clinic is for you.

Even if the experience(s) occurred a long time ago, you’re probably aware that feelings of humiliation, fear, powerlessness, and/or shame can get stuck in your emotional body or hang on unconsciously. Left unaddressed, these patterns can negatively impact different aspects of our lives and relationships in subtle and not-so-subtle ways.

Please note: this event is not a time to tell our stories, it is time to let them go and move into a healthier and happier space.

We are two medical intuitives who’ve spent years learning and developing powerful cutting-edge healing techniques and guided meditation designed to get to the core of stubborn issues and trauma. We are putting together a special healing plan for this event that will make a big difference.  (You can learn more about us and our philosophy here or in our interview with Voyager L.A. Magazine.)

Helping our sisters become more happy and healthy is very important to both of us and we hope you will be able to join us.


Date: Saturday, November 25, 2017

Time: 3-5pm

Location: 2001 S. Barrington Street, #204, West L.A., CA 90025

Parking: free in the building – park on 3rd floor

Cost: love donation



21 Ways To Soul Connect

by Laurie Lamson

Everyone needs tools to handle overwhelming emotions and life’s other challenges.

When we’re in a suffering mode, it can be like we have amnesia about how to help ourselves, or as if there’s a strange resistance to feeling good again.

Here are some quick options to help you break through that and get yourself back on track.

Practice these techniques when you’re feeling good so they become habitual – healthy habits for the mind, body and spirit.

A Shortcut To Becoming Your Own Energy Healer

21 Ways To Soul Connect: tap the healing power of the Real You is a wonderful companion on your journey through life.

One copy of 21 Ways To Soul Connect is free with any service package.

Available exclusively from Soul Connect – prices include shipping in the U.S.

Get one for your self and more for people you care about.

Choose 1-4 copies:




Soul Connect Radio – Ep. 3: Dreams

Guest Lilly Warren as a young teenager – with a dreamy look.


Interview with guest Lilly Warren (when she was in high school.)

How dreams can help you connect with your soul and Lilly’s own dream theory.

Featured Music:

“Where Is My Mind”   The Pixies

Side Note: Another Laurie-Lilly Collaboration

Check out the book for girls that Lilly collaborated on with Laurie as a consultant, an illustrator… and a character!



The Soul Connect #MeToo Healing Clinics are a series of two-hour learning and healing sessions to help both women and men heal fully from #MeToo experiences.

RSVP for room location.

This once-per-month program will make use of healing concepts, guided meditation and cutting-edge techniques to help resolve traumatic memories and relieve embedded feelings of humiliation, fear, powerlessness, and shame that can hang on unconsciously and negatively impact our lives and relationships.

Please note: these events are not a time to tell our stories, they are a time to let them go and move into a healthier and happier space.

The #MeToo movement / campaign has brought to the surface much suffering and trauma. We see it as an opportunity for healing.

This is an extremely difficult personal issue and a societal problem. Many are rightfully angry as we become more publicly aware of the prevalence of sexual humiliation and abuse, but grilling all penises on a barbecue is not the answer. We need to understand that hurt people are the ones who hurt other people, and become healed and empowered as individuals if we want our lives and our society to change for the better.

Benefits to Participants

This #MeToo series is a chance to get a lot of empowering perspective and our soul medicine healing designed to help you have a more happy, harmonious experience life, love and sexuality:
    • Gain perspective on #MeToo experiences.
    • Forgive and release the trauma of #MeToo experiences.
    • Heal from unconscious negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs.
    • Become authentically empowered and self-assured.
    • Achieve clarity and solutions for healthier relationships.
    • Feel good about yourself and allow the Real You to shine.

    Soul Connect #MeToo Healing Clinics are offered by two medical intuitives: Jolé Morton and Laurie Lamson

    We have spent years learning and developing powerful cutting-edge healing techniques and guided meditation designed to get to the core of stubborn issues and trauma. Helping our sisters and brothers become more happy and healthy is very important to both of us and we hope you will be able to join us.

    (You can learn more about us and our philosophy here or in our interview with Voyager L.A. Magazine.)

    First Soul Connect #MeToo Healing Clinic of 2018

    Saturday, January 27, 2018

    Time: 3-5pm

    Location: 2001 S. Barrington Street, West L.A., CA 90025

    Parking: free in the building – park on 3rd floor

    Cost: love donation

    RSVP for room location.

Free Workshop at Mystic Journey Bookstore

21 Ways to Soul Connect: tap the healing power of the Real You

Laurie Lamson introduces her book with an interactive self-healing workshop at Mystic Journey.

Date: Tues, January 23, 6:30-8:30p

Location: Mystic Journey Bookstore, 1624 Abbott Kinney Blvd, Venice, CA 90291

Cost: FREE

 Everyone needs tools to handle overwhelming emotions and life’s other challenges.

Unfortunately, when we’re suffering, it can be like we have amnesia about how to help ourselves, or there’s a strange inner resistance to feeling good.

Sometimes we just want to wallow in feeling sorry for ourselves, and that’s okay. The trick is to be able to come out of that mode instead of getting stuck there for long periods of time.

To break through the resistance, it’s helpful to have easy methods to quickly shift your perspective, raise your vibration, and tap your healing power and innate genius.

During this transformational workshop, Laurie will guide participants through some of the exercises offered in the book, helping them to discover how easy it is to make healthy habits out of simple, effective techniques, and to have a better chance of actually practicing them when feeling down or stressed.

If you let them work for you, these techniques will become you friends and allies on your journey through life. Willingness is all you need to heal, change, grow, and enjoy life more fully.

21 Ways to Soul Connect is available exclusively at Mystic Journey Bookstore and on this website. This pocket-sized little book makes a thoughtful gift for yourself and those you care about.

Choose 1-4 copies:


Soul Connect Radio – Ep. 5: Valentine Show


Love and relationships.


“The Mirror”   read by Debra Winger on the album: A Gift Of Love: Deepak & Friends Present Music Inspired By The Love Poems Of Rumi

“The Agony Of Lovers”   read by Laura Day on the album: A Gift Of Love: Deepak & Friends Present Music Inspired By The Love Poems Of Rumi

“Happy Valentine’s Day”   by Outkast on the album SpeakerBoxx/The Love Below

“A Lover’s Madness”   on the album: A Gift Of Love: Deepak & Friends Present Music Inspired By The Love Poems Of Rumi

Three Hearts by artist Annabel Ruffell

Soul Connect Radio – Ep. 7: Creativity


Tips to get creativity flowing and the Creative Freedom workshop.


“Thank You”   Sly & The Family Stone

“River Of Freedom”    Deee-Lite

Everybody’s Free”    Quindon Tarver from the ROMEO + JULIET soundtrack


Soul Connect Radio – Ep. 9: Jolé’s Healing Journey, Pt. 2 – Positive Thinking


Positive thinking.

This is a follow up to Episode 8: Jolé’s Healing Journey, which was a late night conversation with Soul Connect practitioner Jolé Morton.  In the last episode we talked about her healing journey.  During this same conversation we went beneath the surface on the subject of positive thinking.


Closer To My Dream        Goapele



Soul Connect Radio – Ep. 11: Edward Goldman, “Art is My Religion”

Edward Goldman surrounded by art in his home office


Excited to share my interview with Edward Goldman, an art critic and consultant and the darling of the Los Angeles contemporary art world. He was a champion of Los Angeles artists ever since he arrived from Russia as a young man and he launched quite a few careers. He’s had a popular feature radio show called ART TALK on Los Angeles NPR affiliate KCRW for over 20 years and he’s been a regular contributor on several TV shows.


Fellini Jazz           compilation album







Soul Connect Radio – Ep. 12: Whitney Houston Tribute


A tribute to the ultra talent Whitney Houston, with reading from Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet.

Includes an honest compassionate talk about addiction, theory on why it is prevalent in creative people, healing.


“Joy”                                          Whitney Houston

“Love Will Save the Day”      Whitney Houston





Meet Sera Golding-Young and Unsung Lilly

by Laurie Lamson

Recently got to know an inspiring artist and change maker: Sera Golding-Young of .

Unsung Lilly consist of wife & wife musical duo, Sera and Frankie Golding-Young.

Together they create epic indie pop music with empower messages.

Sera writes and performs revolutionary lyrics while Frankie creates epic layers of vocals, atmospheric delays and earth rumbling sounds and performs most of the instrumentation.

Unsung Lilly is in the middle of a 12 songs in 12 months challenge, where they are recording and releasing a song every month for a year.

Welcome to Transformational Artistry

Together they created the Facebook group  a global community to come together and share any art with a message that inspires/awakens/heals/empowers.

With Sera Golding-Young checks out 21 Ways To Soul Connect at Agape’s Quiet Mind Bookstore

Soul Connect Radio Ep. 13: Pina, Ovo, and Keys to Aging Gracefully


Wim Wenders’ documentary PINA and Cirque du Soleil’s show Ovo about the secret world of insects got me thinking about the importance and rewards of collaboration as well as some of the keys to aging gracefully:

  • How to engage our inner child
  • The difference between childish immaturity and child-like openness and wonder
  • Flexibility
  • The rewards of a multi-cultural lifestyle

Featured Music:

PINA soundtrack

Ovo soundtrack, including “Flea Girls”

Side Note:

“WINGS OF DESIRE by Wim Wenders is a must-see for metaphysical- and spiritually-minded people – it’s about angels walking among us.” – Laurie Lamson

Soul Connect Radio – Ep. 14: Black Visionaries


Do you have a large vision or purpose? Have you ever had a big idea but weren’t sure if you could make it work? Get ready to be inspired and motivated by three very special guys who are breaking new ground in their own unique ways.

My guests are in very different fields but that have something in common: they’re all accomplishing big things by following their own inspiration. And they all happen to be African-American, so I call this episode, “Black Visionaries.” Guests: Michael Ajakwe, Jr., Romal Tune, Lawrence Ray Parker, Jr.

Michael Ajakwe, Jr.
Romal Tune
Lawrence Ray Parker, II

Featured Music:

“Closer To My Dream”   Goapele

“Use the Force”  Jamiroquai

“This Little Light of Mine”  from the album Sonic Praise (various artists)


Side Note:

In loving memory of Michael Ajakwe, Jr. who passed away May 31, 2018.  Being unaware of his illness, I was truly heartbroken to learn of his death.  What a painful reminder how important it is to stay in touch with people we care about.  Learn more about Michael.


Free Mini-Tarot Readings

by Laurie Lamson

We’re doing FREE tarot readings with traditional deck and Voyager deck tomorrow night, Thursday, November 29 at a holiday pop-up art party in Santa Monica.

I will also be offering my Creative Freedom workshop series in this same space starting in December.

Shop for arts & crafts and join the fun!

Healing Arts Festival and Market, San Antonio, Texas

Spring into April on Sunday, April 7th.

The Healing Arts Festival and Market is the largest event of its kind in San Antonio, showcasing Texas’ finest Healing Arts Practitioners and Craft Artisans from a wide range of modalities.

Discover, enjoy and heal with organic body products, crystals, sound tuning, biomat therapy, essential oils, reflexology, massage, energy work, reiki, intuitive counsel, astrology, acupuncture, body art, tarot, artisan crafts, jewelry, chiropractic, creative art, numerology, henna, organic essentials, free yoga, community drumming circle, free meditation, free workshops, live poetry, and performances.

Laurie Lamson

I will be offering free Voyager Tarot card readings and mini chakra healings.

Hilton Garden Inn
8101 Pat Booker Rd.
Live Oak, Texas 78233
11am to 6pm

Free admission & parking