Our cutting-edge space clearing services help set the stage for a more positive experience in homes, businesses and hotels.

Everyone knows we are affected by the energy around us. The more chaotic the energy, the more stressful the environment. An environment infused with peaceful, positive energy is obviously much more conducive to our good mood, well-being and even physical health.

We offer in-person space clearing:

  • to remove negative or interfering energy.
  • to charge the location with positive energy vibrations and intentions.

Space Clearing for Homes

Room-by-room space and electronic equipment clearing to remove negative or interfering energy and make the space impervious.

The energy field is charged with the positive ‘vibes’ desired (such as making the space a peaceful sanctuary.)

“The space now feels lighter, fresher and more expansive. Since her clearing, things have improved in my life and all my guests love coming over and hanging out and always comment that my place has “such good energy.”
– Richard B., IT Consultant

Space Clearing for Offices/Businesses

A room-by-room clearing and healing can make a world of difference in the ‘office vibe’. We clear the stress and strife and charge the space with positive intentions for harmony, productivity, meaningful work and prosperity.

“It’s nine months later, and everyone still comments about how relaxed and creative our office makes them feel. I believe your [space clearing] work actually helped us get more clients.”
– Kyle S., Production Company Owner, Santa Monica, CA

Space Clearing for Hotels

Every good hotel strives to provide its guest with a comfortable haven, a home away that’s even better than home. Despite best efforts, almost everyone still feels at least a bit uneasy – even in an upscale hotel room – because of the dissonant energies left behind by all the previous guests.

We can:

  • make a lobby immune to chaotic and negative energy.
  • program each room to energetically drain out when guests leave.
  • set the stage for guests, visitors and staff to feel like they are “walking on sunshine.”