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Money, like sex, has the ability to bring out the worst in people. Many people are either chasing it, or, often without realizing, running away from it. Either approach brings a lack of harmony.

Many people are exhausted by their work, because they are working for money rather than a higher purpose and are out of harmony with their own soul purposes. Many are exhausted by giving too much service to others, to the point of ignoring themselves and their own need for joy.

Targeted energy healing helps clear the internal blocks to career success, self-expression, and abundance.

“Things that previously mattered in a negative manner and were hurtful for me – over time become less aggravating and sometimes even got so much smaller that I forget they were a previous problem. And built into my healing sessions, Laurie has offered ideas and directions where I might head in my career – always insightful and on the mark, and suggestions that I would never have thought of on my own.”
-Sherry, social worker and book editor, Billerica, Mass.

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