Space Clearing Client Feedback & Success Stories

“It’s nine months later, and everyone still comments about how relaxed and creative our office makes them feel. I believe your [space clearing] work actually helped us get more clients.”

Kyle S., Production Company Owner
Santa Monica, CA

“My flat was built in the early 1930’s, so you can imagine all the history and energy that had passed through here, both good and bad. Laurie evaluated my space and advised me of certain types of negative energy present, which she cleared. The space now feels lighter, fresher and more expansive. Since her clearing, things have improved in my life and all my guests love coming over and hanging out and always comment that my place has ‘such good energy’.”

Richard B., IT Consultant
West Hollywood, CA

“It seems lighter, more positive and happier around here.”

Julio D., owner Street Level Cafe
Echo Park, CA

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Space Clearing

  • Client Feedback/Success Stories

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