Personal & Spiritual Growth

“Laurie’s healings gave me some of my biggest breakthroughs!”

Emmanuel Dagher, Holistic Therapist, Spiritual Teacher, Bestselling Author
Los Angeles, CA


“Jolé Morton is an amazing empath who is truly gifted in reading the energy levels and chakras in one’s body. She has the ability to feel, see, read what s going on from within. She was able to teach me, give me techniques to ground myself, how to help my energies to stay unblocked. In addition she is a truly giving, caring and supportive spirit. I most definitely recommend her to assist with your spiritual and personal growth.”

PW, Singer & Personal Trainer
Los Angeles, CA


“Laurie’s gifts – her wisdom, generosity, kindness, love, optimism, insight, inspiration, intuition and grace have healed and changed my life. I am forever grateful for her.”

Christy F., Cinematographer
Manhattan Beach, CA


“For years, I’d been feeling connected (and disconnected) to a part of myself I didn’t know very personally, always asking myself, ‘Who am I?‘ I wanted more access to me, to my Highest Self. The work she did with my chakras helped me understand my Self more thoroughly. But most importantly, I felt a greater connection to my Highest self.

For about two to three months, I had been increasingly riddled with doubt and repeatedly shown the places where fear was hiding. Before my reading with Jolé, I was sinking. considerably. Since my reading with her, I have been walking taller, owning my relationship with my Self and with God, and shining brighter as I walk through the world. I am forever grateful for her insight, her gifts and her generosity.”

Maahra, Actress
Los Angeles, CA


“Laurie was the one who really allowed me to understand the concept of core beliefs, where they come from and how they manifest themselves in your everyday life. She was monumental in helping me to initiate the process of shifting those beliefs, and in showing me how to tap into true source energy and unconditional love. I now have such valuable tools to create real healing in my life. Her gifts are truly a blessing!”

Anita, University Professor
Los Angeles, CA


“At the darkest point of my life, she [Laurie] helped give me the push I needed in the right direction. My entire life turned around, [I] subsequently embarked on a beautiful spiritual journey, and I can never thank her and Jolé enough. Thank you.”

Tori Kyes, CEO, Plastick Media, (now Creative Executive, Pomp and Plastick)
Burbank, CA


“Your work is amazing! I’ve done lots of different kinds of healing over the years, but this work with you is the most powerful I have experienced. It has taken me to the deepest, darkest core of my issues. And then the good stuff manifests in my life, I see it. If someone’s afraid of the ugly part of themselves, you are able to help take people to the deepest darkest waters and help them come back with their soul intact; with dignity and hope.”

Barbara A., Clinical Social Worker & Author
Pomona, CA


“Thank you for healing me in so many ways.”

Terrence T., Choreographer, Author, Social Activist
Los Angeles, CA


“My experiences with Jolé have been truly life changing. After every session, I’ve had with her, I’ve felt completely rejuvenated and in touch with my truth. She has reminded me on how to connect with my soul’s purpose. She not only balances my chakras, but also teaches me how to work on continue healing myself at home. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to dig deeper and operate life at a higher frequency.”

Pritash S., Artist, Actor/Producer
Los Angeles, CA


“Laurie provided me an amazing healing this weekend and I feel completely healed of everything that was going wrong. Thank you so much, Laurie!”

Elinor A., Self-Employed Cause Advocate
Santa Monica, CA


“Time will tell how powerful your work with me proves to be. I must say that I remain optimistic that your style and skill had a most positive effect on me. Your manner and technique of reviewing the potential sources of a specific behavior bump, is focused and similar to what I do in psychotherapy. I felt relieved during the early stages and then a bit sleepy in the final 15 mins. or so. Certainly, the impact was not an immediate cure, yet I anticipate a long lasting and most welcome effect.”

Larry S., Retired Psychotherapist
San Diego, CA



Personal & Spiritual Growth

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