Love & Relationships Client Feedback & Success Stories

“My relationship with my husband is awesome now.  I couldn’t imagine it being any better.”

St. Louis, MO

“Laurie has been amazing in helping me overcome the fears and traumas of my life and allowing me to love myself for who I am.  Among my issues, one was a feeling of sexual inadequacy, and it was affecting my confidence with women and other realms of my life.  Since I’ve been healing with Laurie, I’ve come to realize I’m an awesome lover, but more importantly, I’m a good person, and that’s where it has to start.  I was my own worst enemy, but now I don’t criticize myself or others as much, and I’ve learned to open myself up to all the love that’s here for me.  It sounds crazy when I say these things, but I recommend ‘energy healing’ to all of my friends and family and anyone dealing with self-esteem issues.”

– Los Angeles Businessman (prefers to remain anonymous)

“Laurie helped me an enormous amount to get over the psychic pain of the breakup of a romantic personal relationship that was over as well as an enormous and painful crush on someone else where the feelings were not reciprocal. I literally felt the pain vanish from my insides as she worked to heal me. She is blessed with special intuitive gifts. I highly recommend her services.”

David B., Entrepreneur
Hollywood, CA

“I was a bit skeptical at first, but gave it a try as she was HIGHLY recommended by a friend of mine. The results have been amazing…

“The first session was centered on love/relationship issues… 2 weeks after my healing session, I met the most AMAZING man… it is literally like he walked off the pages of my journal… all that I ever wanted and dreamed of. My sisters and friends say that it is like a fairy tale and that they still can’t believe it. This was several months ago and I am happy to say that every day, our relationship only gets better! Is it because of the healing? Who knows? Do I believe there is a connection? ABSOLUTELY!”

Michela O., Video Producer
Los Angeles (now in London, England with same boyfriend for last 10 years)

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Love & Relationships

  • Client Feedback/Success Stories

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