Energy Clinics and Group Healing Feedback & Success Stories

“I feel more aware, it seems like a natural, grounded awareness rather than an epiphany. I also feel more connected to some basic core (of humanity).”

Karen H., Playwrite
West L.A., CA

“I have much more grounded sense of self…like I feel good in my own skin… I think people can see this. It’s also about coming to terms with my gifts and talents… I have something to offer and share with others. I will be in touch for the other [energy clinics]. I need to continue doing this kind of work- even if it’s only a small bit at a time :)”

Joanne P., IT Expert
Venice, CA

“I have really noticed a shift over the last week or so in reference to work.  I’m no longer comfortable at my job and feel a STRONG urge to move forward and do only what I LOVE to do.”

Hakima M., Entrepreneur
Los Angeles, CA

“I’m experiencing less stress and a greater sense of peace. I’m finding it easier to accept things/people as they are and am soley focused on expanding my own knowledge to create a more positive existence.”

Los Angeles, CA

“Since the healing group regarding romantic love, I’ve realized that I have more love for myself and my body.  I seem to walk differently with more energy and pride and respect for myself. I feel as though the shame I  had about romantic love and sexuality have completely fallen away. I feel my ‘flame’, my ‘light’ is easier to tap into that and turn on. I’ve also losing inches on my body as though my body no longer needs the extra weight or fat to protect it any longer. Thank you so much.”

Shirl, Actress
Los Angeles, CA

“I notice the difference in my self love since the healing. As I have faced obstacles to my creative time I’ve managed to really make a way to keep creating and not let the obstacles stop my creative output, which has been a very big victory of self love for me. So thank you.”

Kareema M., Producer’s Assistant
Los Angeles, CA

“I thought your class [Jan 4, 2012 group healing] was very powerful!  I was feeling pretty down prior and the the energy was very uplifting and helpful.  I was even able to sleep after weeks of not feeling at ease and unable to sleep even when I was tired.”

Mary M., Marketing & Publicity Consultant
Venice, CA

“Just started birth control again and have been moody and angry, all was let go last night.  Powerful room, have to do that again!”

Michelle G., Makeup Artist
El Segundo, CA

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