Emotional Healing Client Feedback & Success Stories

“I am deeply grateful for the insight and inner guidance that Jolé so gracefully extended to me. I became truly amazed at how accurate someone could read my emotions and life experiences within a session. At a time where I was undergoing inner struggles that were causing me anxiety, Jolé was truly able to pin-point my areas of distress and help guide me through them. I felt an immediate burden lifted off my shoulders and was able to implement her advice, which changed my perspective and life experiences.

“Jolé possesses genuine energy and is able to connect with you on a personal and spiritual level. She possesses an honest desire to help people through tough times and I am grateful for the positive influence she has added to my life. ”

Jennifer Durst, Actress, Producer, Print Model
Los Angeles, CA

“It’s been an amazing journey of healing with Laurie. Suffering from abandonment and self-esteem issues, we worked thru so much and to my delight – much is healed in my life! And the icing on the cake? Physical healing in ways that I’d not anticipated!”

Theresa Kaui, Photographer
Long Beach, CA

“Laurie is a very talented healer who has guided me thru issues I have had with very positive results, including no more nightmares!  I strongly recommend her.”

Kim W., Horsetrainer
Carlsbad, CA

“Laurie, the reading and healing you gave me has helped me tremendously.  No more bad, haunting dreams. I am very serious on how the healing truly did change me.  I am so much more relaxed and free.  After the healing nothing but confidence and calmness filled my body.”

Lynne Burnett, Actress/Producer
Lake Los Angeles, CA

“Laurie helped me overcome some very deep emotional roadblocks. Her warm demeanor and soothing atmosphere put me at ease. I felt the stresses in my life lift off my shoulders as Laurie worked her magic. Laurie also gave me exercises to do on my own in the event I had anxiety or stress. I have never felt better about myself and my ability to deal with problems. I will forever be thankful to Laurie.”

Gina B., Make-Up Artist
Huntington Beach, CA

“My healing sessions with Laurie are a delightful experience. Her approach is warm and compassionate. She combines  different healing modalities and uses her intuition to get results that are eye-opening and effective.”

Adrienne T., Painter /Post-Producer (featured artist on
Malibu, CA

“The healing helped immensely…in many ways…”

Danny O., Photo Stylist
West Hollywood, CA

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Emotional Healing

  • Client Feedback/Success Stories

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