We provide a positive experience of real value that shows guests your appreciation!

Our 10-20 minute tarot card readings (see below) and mini-chakra healings help break the ice by promoting interesting conversation and “good vibes” among guests. It’s an experience they remember long after the event is over.

Can include:

• One free full-length energy medicine healing or intuitive reading gift certificate for auction, raffle or giveway.

• Free space clearing prior to the event.

Connect with us to discuss your party or event!

NOTE: Party services are free for charity events if we are in alignment with your efforts.

“Everyone came out from seeing you very happy, or very touched and moved, or both. Thank you both so much.”
– Carol Dunn, Executive Producer, PS260 West, Los Angeles, CA

“Laurie adds such a unique quality to any gathering….My guests were so surprised we had a healer at my birthday party and they felt like they received a wonderful gift from her. They’re still talking about it!”
– Lawrence Ray Parker, Celebrity Hair Stylist and Private Salon Owner, Los Angeles, CA

Tarot Card Readings Beyond the Expected

Jolé Morton’s tarot readings with the traditional Rider-Waite deck are anything but traditional! She’s a popular clairvoyant at Mystic Journey Bookstore in addition to her private practice with Soul Connect. She’s also an expert at clearing and healing the chakras.

The Voyager deck is a modern interpretation of the tarot designed to increase your own intuition. Laurie Lamson studied for over a year with the creator of the deck, James Wanless, PhD, and offers quick, yet deep and insightful readings at parties, where she also makes use of Dr. Wanless’s Sustainability cards and Caroline Myss’s Archetype cards.

Together, Jolé and Laurie provide revolutionary entertainment that offers true soulful benefits to party guests. Uplifting to the spirit, and the whole party.

I absolutely loved my reading, the best gift of the season…”
Elizabeth Schmitt, food blogger