What is a Soul Connect Energy Clinic?

The Soul Connect Energy Clinic is an introduction to energy healing, the energy system of the body and some of the typical blocks to healing.

Each clinic is a one-hour learning and practice session to help you understand your own ‘energy anatomy’ and the healing process:

  • Simple techniques to help you manage and take better care of your own energy.
  • Discussion of a particular element necessary for effective, long-lasting healing results (such as willingness.)
  • Introductory energy healing – helps you absorb maximum benefit from the clinic and start your healing process.

Who is it for?

  • Anyone who wants to get better – emotionally, spiritually and physically.
  • Anyone interested in learning more about how their energy operates.

Our beginning energy clinics help attendees understand the healing process and the role their own energy has to play in it.

What will you gain?

  • A conscious understanding of how easy and how important it is to take ownership of our own bodies, energy and lives.
  • Easy tools to become aware of, and start working with, your own energy.
  • Group healing to immediately get more connected with your own energy and soul power.

What happens during a Soul Connect energy clinic?

  • Introduction to the human energy system and energy centers (chakras.)
  • Basic techniques to become more aware of our energy and how to start working with it in a beneficial, effective way.
  • Explanation and discussion of a necessary component of healing and working with energy (each session focuses on a different topic: free will /willingness, feeling worthy & deserving, permission, safety.)
  • Intro to developing a healthy relationship with our unconscious minds and basic technique for self-muscle testing.
  • Intro to Soul Medicine/Theta healing technique. Demonstration / healing to get people more connected to their energy and start the healing process.

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