As women ourselves, we understand the issues you face in the modern world. We have special techniques to balance and recharge the different aspects of your femininity, increase your self-worth and get you more in touch with the Real You.

We offer compassionate healing and assistance with the following:

  • Increasing your self-love quotient
  • Healing underlying emotional causes of weight issues and eating disorders
  • Boundary issues – more personal empowerment, healthy balance of giving and receiving, ability to say “no” and feel good about it
  • Resolving relationship problems and unhealthy patterns
  • Healing sexual problems – to experience more joy and fulfillment
  • Feeling emotionally distraught/overwhelmed by emotions
  • Turning point/crossroads – gaining clarity for big decisions and healing for major challenges in life (i.e. divorce, death of parent, etc.)
  • Challenges with children
  • If you can’t get a diagnosis or the healing results you seek – we can help you discover and resolve the unconscious root causes of emotional and physical distress for quicker, more complete recovery

“Since the healing group regarding romantic love, I’ve realized that I have more love for myself and my body. I seem to walk differently with more energy and pride and respect for myself. I feel as though the shame I had about romantic love and sexuality have completely fallen away. I feel my “flame”, my “light” is easier to tap into that and turn on. I’ve also started losing inched on my body as though my body no longer needs the extra weught or fat to protect it any longer. Thank you so much.”
– Shirl, Los Angeles, CA