Physical Healing

Just ask Dr. Oz: the cutting edge of medicine today is energy medicine. Energy medicine acknowledges the quantum nature of the universe, and the reality that mind, heart and spirit are interconnected. Nowadays it is common sense that physical distress and illness usually originates with a lack of inner harmony.

Physical symptoms represent the push most of us need to find out who and what we are and how to better express ourselves. They provide an opportunity to take more authority in our own lives and discover what untapped gifts we have to share.

So there are usually unconscious causes for what ails us, and these remain unaddressed by traditional medicine. Often psychotheraphy and alternative approaches can only go so far to resolve them.

To receive the full magnitude of the gift hidden within discomforting symptoms, we have to dig deeper. When we resolve the true underlying causes, the healing takes place naturally – often with surprising and pleasant side benefits.

We enjoy getting to know you in person, yet most of our modalities can be conducted just as effectively over the phone. Even major physical results have been achieved with long-distance healing.

“Laurie Lamson is an extraordinarily gifted healer! I was so sick with mercury poisoning and Laurie helped me get through the worst stages of the detoxing.”
– Mary Kent, Holistic Journalist/Health Counselor, South Carolina

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