Physical Healing – Client Feedback & Success Stories

“After doing this work I feel like I’m 38 on the inside and 58 on the outside (chronologically I’m 63). On the outside I’m getting younger. I can tell that changes are happening – the top part of my eyes were baggy – that’s almost gone. I feel like I’m physically getting younger …After we worked on my varicose veins I felt sickly for 6 days but I could feel the bad stuff leaving me. Now I have no more pain around my whole leg.”

Update: “Now I’m 35 on the inside and 46 on the outside. I’ve never felt better in my entire life!” (scroll down for more of Crystal’s story under Work & Success)

Crystal, Retired Bookkeeper
St. Louis, MO

“Laurie Lamson is an extraordinarily gifted healer! I was so sick with mercury poisoning and Laurie helped me get through the worst stages of the detoxing. We went in and changed a lot of my negative programming that the mercury had created in my brain. WOW, is all I can say! I am forever grateful for Laurie, as she has helped me so much on the path to living a healthier and happier life!”

Mary Kent, Holistic Journalist/Health Counselor
Dragonfly Wellness
South Carolina

“Laurie is incredibly gifted and intuitive. She will open doors that you didn’t even know were there and have you walk through to a new dimension– to your true and integrated self. Don’t believe it –just see the wisdom she brings out from your body.”

Ric S., Business Professional
Venice, CA

“My allergies are something that have been plaguing me for years. Especially around cats. Since my healing was only 10 days ago, I didn’t think much of it. I had to go back to Laurie’s house for a project we’re working on and had to be there for 4 hours – I was in the presence of her 2 cats without symptoms. (Usually within the first 20 minutes, my allergies flare up – runny nose, sneezing, sniffling – and I have to go out for air and wear a mask to stay inside any longer.) I think it’s wonderful that she has the ability to heal my ailment.”

Ricky B., Plumbing & Heating Repair Man
Inglewood, CA

“I came for a pinched nerve with a radiating pain down my arm – I had it for about a month. During the session I felt the weight of the pain subside. There was a shift from the right shoulder to the left… I felt a balancing occur inside me.”

Saro S., Actor/Sound Recording Studio
Los Angeles, CA

“In mid-Oct, I was running in my 10th marathon. I had struggled with planter facsitis for almost a year. During the marathon, I developed a new pain in my foot and dropped out. The first time I ever dropped out of a marathon. Two weeks later, a friend brought me to Soul Connect [group healing]. Since then, the changes have been amazing. Physically, my plantar fascitis has cleared up, my bone bruise is gone and I’ve lost 17 pounds without really trying. Creatively, I have become more focused on my writing. Spiritually, I have gained a new perspective and know what I have to do to make myself happier. The healing from Soul Connect is amazing and extremely subtle. I didn’t even notice the changes I was going through until someone pointed them out. Truly amazing.”

-Kevin B., screenwriter
Los Angeles, CA

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