Personal & Spiritual Growth

We are here to support your personal and spiritual growth.

All of us are affected by the energy around us. The more chaotic the energy, the more stressful the environment. An environment infused with peaceful, positive energy is much more conducive to good mood, well-being, and physical health.

Many of us are unsure who we are or what we want out of life. Some of us have a strong sense of purpose, but we feel blocked, disconnected, or just unable to take steps on our own behalf.

These and other personal challenges can lead to mental confusion, emotional discomfort, physical symptoms and, if left unaddressed, serious diseases.

We all carry some baggage and tend to identify it:

  • Society’s or other people’s demands; our own unrealistic expectations.
  • Stored or unprocessed shocking and challenging experiences, traumatic experiences.
  • Hurts, disappointments, grief, shame, resentment.
  • Self-protective barriers, self-defeating behaviors, limiting beliefs.

But it is not necessary to keep re-experiencing all the drama. Personal growth (and healing) come from gaining perspective – getting the positive lessons from experiences so you can release the emotions and forgive yourself and others. This allows more of the Real You to shine.

“For about two to three months, I had been increasingly riddled with doubt and repeatedly shown the places where fear was hiding. Before my reading with Jolé, I was sinking… considerably. Since my reading with her, I have been walking taller, owning my relationship with my Self and with God, and shining brighter as I walk through the world. I am forever grateful for her insight, her gifts and her generosity.”

Maahra, Actress, Los Angeles, CA