#MeToo Healing

Sexual Empowerment and #MeToo Healing

Have you ever felt sexually disempowered, degraded, violated, or just insecure about sex?

This special package is a series of one-on-one Soul Medicine energy healing sessions for survivors of sexual harassment and sexual assault, and anyone who wants a happier, healthier sex life.

We communicate with your unconscious and your body, teach them new life-affirming and empowering beliefs, heal trauma on all levels, and prepare you for healthier, happier, more satisfying relationships with yourself and others.

The #MeToo movement / campaign brought to the surface much suffering and trauma.

This is an extremely difficult personal issue and a societal problem. An unpleasant fact of life is that almost all girls and plenty of guys over the age of fifteen have had some version of a #MeToo experience.

As we become more aware, we have a wonderful opportunity to find a healthier approach to our most intimate relations. We need to become healed and empowered as individuals if we want our lives and our society to change for the better.

If you’ve ever been sexually harassed, humiliated, degraded, assaulted or abused, this healing package could change your life.

When a person is exposed to an emotional trauma or shocking experience, the body’s survival instinct turns on. If the person can’t handle the stress at that time, for whatever reason, it gets stored in the body.

The survival instinct is just doing what it needs for you to survive at the moment; it doesn’t understand what effect storing traumas will have in the future.  As stresses accumulate, they can interfere with the body’s functions, and that’s when physical symptoms can arise.

Even if a #MeToo experience occurred a long time ago, you’re probably aware that feelings of humiliation, fear, powerlessness, and shame can get stuck in your emotional body or hang on unconsciously. Left unaddressed, these patterns can negatively impact different aspects of our lives and relationships in subtle and not-so-subtle ways.

Whether you’re a woman or a man with experience on either or both sides of this, you are invited to learn and heal from sexual problems and #MeToo experiences.

  • Gain perspective on traumatic sexual experiences.
  • Forgive and release the trauma from your mind, body and energy.
  • Heal from unconscious negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs.
  • Become authentically empowered and self-assured, sexually and otherwise.
  • Empower your creativity and allow it to flow more easily. (Creative energy is intricately connected with sexual energy.)
  • Achieve clarity and solutions for healthier relationships.
  • Feel better about yourself and allow the Real You to shine.

“This work with you is the most powerful I have experienced…you are able to take people to the deepest darkest waters and help them come back with their soul intact; with dignity and hope.” – Barbara, Clinical Social Worker & Author, Pomona, CA

The Soul Connect Sexual Empowerment and #MeToo Healing Package Price: $600.

Feel free to schedule a free 15-minute consultation before making a commitment: connect here.

• Sessions will be conducted by phone or Skype. 

• Includes unconditional love immersion between sessions to support your progress.

Includes a free copy of INNER YOGA to help you learn and practice easy new habits of self-care.

Your Soul Medicine Healing Practitioner: Laurie Lamson

Laurie’s mother was a clinical psychologist who started one of the first sex therapy clinics in the country and wrote a book on sexual dysfunction that was a university text. Later she specialized in child sex abuse cases and helped change laws for better protection for victims.

So Laurie grew up with an unusually broad perspective on sex plus a healthy and compassionate respect for its power to bring out the best and worst in us. She wrote 39 public service announcements for the U.S. Army Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention Program.

Through years developing powerful and efficient healing techniques designed to get to the core of stubborn issues, her awareness and skills make Laurie uniquely qualified to take her mother’s work to the next level.



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