Medical & Health Professionals

We respect medical professionals and love collaborating with them by enhancing the effectiveness of their medical treatment and decreasing recovery time. We have experience helping patients release deep-rooted, often unconscious sources of physical symptoms.

How we can help you serve your patients and clients:

  • Discover and resolve unconscious root causes of emotional and physical distress for quicker, more complete recovery
  • Help them gain insight and understanding from illness – to prevent recreating it and to come out the other end more self-aware, whole and complete
  • Prime their body and consciousness to receive maximum benefit, minimal harm and faster recovery from drugs and surgeries
  • Attitude has everything to do with healing and recovery. Our work helps people permanently shift attitudes to become more optimistic and hopeful

Our work can also help you get even better:

  • Healthy boundaries with patients and clients
  • Compassionate neutrality – to keep from being overwhelmed by their challenges and needs
  • Access to intuition – to better trust your gut instincts and act on them decisively
  • Self-expression and empowerment to avoid rote approaches
  • Balance in giving and receiving. Health professionals tend to give a lot and can benefit by becoming more receptive to life’s blessings and support from those around them


“Jolé is a truly gifted Theta Healer who has effectively helped me honestly more forward in my healing and become a more balanced and joyful person. And, what impresses me even more about her, is the love, compassion and kindness she shows me as we work together. I am grateful for Jolé and her outstanding abilities.”

Melody H., Theta Practitioner/Metaphysician
Los Angeles, CA