Love & Relationships

It takes two healthy “I’s” to create a healthy “We.”

A lot of people find themselves stuck in limiting old-school beliefs about love and relationships, perhaps with the nagging feeling, “Is that all there is?” Many of us are seeing a new paradigm for our closest relationships as we shift into a new way of thinking and being.

Improved relationships with others start with an improved relationship with ourselves.

  • Improve your self-love quotient
  • Overcome feelings of hopelessness and loneliness
  • Healthy boundaries including healthy self-nurturing and self-discipline
  • Resolve childhood issues and traumas that are interfering with your current love life
  • Break the cycle of commitment phobia or emotionally unavailable or incompatible partner

“Laurie helped me an enormous amount to get over the psychic pain of the breakup of a romantic personal relationship that was over as well as an enormous and painful crush on someone else where the feelings were not reciprocal. I literally felt the pain vanish from my insides as she worked to heal me. She is blessed with special intuitive gifts. I highly recommend her services.”
David B., Entrepreneur, Hollywood, CA