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1. Soul Medicine

Soul Medicine is our approach to quantum energy healing – encompassing a variety of cutting-edge and ancient tools and techniques, intuitively customized to the needs of the individual.

Soul Medicine addresses specific problems and empowers your body’s innate healing ability. It connects you with your source energy, your own soul, the power of unconditional love… the Real You.

Soul Medicine addresses and helps resolve core issues underlying:

  • money problems
  • self-defeating behaviors
  • relationship dilemmas
  • traumatic experiences
  • chronic physical conditions

… so you can live from your soul, guided by your inner wisdom and intuition.

A Soul Medicine session may include Energy Center Healing (see below), guided meditation and other techniques as needed.

Medical intuitives Laurie Lamson and Jolé Morton each create a safe environment to discover root causes, while helping you increase awareness and compassion for yourself and others. You know you are not alone as these compassionate guides support you through the healing process to become more connected with your own “soul power.”

Adept at the metaphysical technology of energy medicine, Laurie and Jolé help you release the pain and blocks carried on the deepest unconscious and cellular levels.

Soul Medicine almost always get results more easily than expected, yet it does require a commitment to yourself. A minimum of three sessions is required to start working with one of our practitioners.

Soul Medicine Services  – Available by Skype or Phone 

Order below and connect with us to schedule an appointment

1. Three-Session Jumpstart

initial 90-minute session + two 60-minute sessions = $315
(with Jolé or Laurie)

2. Single 60-min. Session = $100

(with Jolé or Laurie)

3. Quarterly Packages

(three months minimum – with Jolé only)

Package A: $275/month

  • One 60-min. Soul Medicine session
  • One 30-min. guided meditation session
  • On-call help with emotional balancing and/or quick check-in for 10-min. mini-session by text, phone, FaceTime or Skype (maximum 2x per week available Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm)

Order by Month or Quarter

Package B: $499/month

  • Two 60-min. Soul Medicine sessions
  • One 45-min. guided meditation session
  • On-call help with emotional balancing and/or quick check-in for 20-min. mini-session by text, phone, FaceTime or Skype (maximum 2x per week available Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm)

Order by Month or Quarter

“It’s like experiencing High Definition for the first time. After a session, the entire world is so much clearer. It opens up your mind to the realm of possibilities.”

Tori K., CEO, Branded Entertainment Agency, Burbank, CA

2. Chakra/Energy Center Healing

(Similar to Reiki WITHOUT physical touch; offers a more in-depth approach)

Energy center healing is like an energy massage – it helps relieve stress and is beneficial whenever you feel overwhelmed or in need of a little pampering.

The body’s energy system is just as real as the other systems (nervous system, digestive system, etc.) Our energy centers are generally known as chakras.

During the session we also do healing work on the glands – which are like ‘energy holding stations’ for the body.

Energy Center Healing helps you release the past.

Your body and mind let go of hurt feelings, confusion and negative thoughts that are ready to be released. You gain more clarity about your experiences, so it’s easier to forgive yourself and others.

Gland healing supports the chakra healing and helps harmonize the gland functions and balance the hormones. A medical intuitive reading can also be incorporated to identify and start to resolve specific issues.

Energy Center Healing Session
60 minutes – $100

Five Energy Center Healing Sessions
$450 ($50 savings)
(okay to share – you can give one as a gift!)

You may also wish to explore Space Clearing so your outer environment can support the inner work.

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