Emotional Healing

Psychological symptoms are often formed as part of a “survival mode” approach to painful or traumatic childhood situations and overwhelming emotions.

Emotional stress is also caused by limiting beliefs – whether conscious or unconscious – which generate negative emotions.

Though the feelings are unpleasant, modern biological research indicates our body cells can get addicted to the chemicals released by the brain as it entertains negative thoughts.

Anyone who has every been addicted to cigarettes, coffee, sugar, or anything else, knows it is not a simple matter of making up your mind…you feel physically compelled to repeat the addictive behavior.

Until the unconscious mind is reprogrammed with new beliefs (like a hard-drive with new software) the brain and body will have a similar compulsion to keep repeating the negative thought patterns and experiences. Energy Medicine helps change all that.

Intuitive Readings and Voyager Tarot Card readings also help you gain insight, perspective and a deeper connection with your inner wisdom. Readings help validate your inner knowing, strengthen faith in your own intuition and help set you on the path to a better life.

“It is hard work, and I feel a complete alliance with Jolé. She is generous, professional, fast, accurate, personable and very caring. I would recommend her to anyone who is ready to heal their issues and let go of the past for good.”
– Deb Farris, Professional Musician, Santa Barbara, CA