Business Professionals & Entrepreneurs

We have several strategies for businesses who seek a win-win approach. We help by clearing subconscious blocks to success and prosperity, offering group education/healing for employees, and space clearing for harmonious work environments.

Everyone wants to earn a good living doing what they love. We only feel truly fulfilled when we work in a way that allows us to be of service, while at the same time expressing our unique gifts.

A happy employee is a productive employee…our space clearing creates a more harmonious environment, and our energy group healing helps build a more confident, productive, team-oriented staff, aligned to the goals of your business.

We help you fulfill your potential on the path and help magnetize your business for prosperity and success:

  • Resolve patterns of being blocked, stuck or defeated.
  • Release unconscious patterns of self-sabotage.
  • Overcome the unconscious fear of outshining others.
  • Increase motivation and the ability to manifest ideas.
  • Sharpen focus and increase ability to complete projects.
  • Heal childhood issues and traumas that can unconsciously block success.
  • Let go of perfectionism and replace it with a new intention: mastery and excellence.

“I can’t speak highly enough of Jolé. She is highly intuitive and spot on. She guides you on the right path and helps you to reach your goals. After working with her I felt more centered and focused and grounded. She gives of her time and is always available whether it’s for a phone call or in person. I will continue to use her services and highly recommend her!”

Josephine G., Actress & Personal Trainer, Los Angeles, CA

“…built into my healing sessions, Laurie has offered ideas and directions where I might head in my career – always insightful and on the mark, and suggestions that I would never have thought of on my own.”

-Sherry, social worker and book editor, Billerica, Mass.