Many potential Picassos have been derailed by internalizing judgments of others, perfectionism and negative beliefs about themselves. It’s easy to become your ‘own worst enemy’ and block your creative flow. We help you overcome the blocks and empower your artistic expression.

Are you ready to become an empowered and fulfilled creative artist (actor, writer, dancer, musician…)? Do you want to make your own life a unique masterpiece? Gain insight and perspective on your life journey so you can realize your full potential.

We can help you resolve the challenges common to creative temperaments:

  • Heal patterns of feeling blocked, stuck or defeated
  • Release perfectionism: lack of permission to succeed, or fail, or pursue an artistic path
  • Replace perfectionism with a new goal: mastery and excellence
  • Resolve unconscious fears of outshining others
  • Overcome the fear that, “If I get better I’ll lose my creativity/inspiration”
  • Increase motivation – and the ability to manifest creative ideas
  • Sharpen focus – manage many ideas at once / complete projects
  • Improve ability to receive feedback without taking it personally or getting defensive
  • Release the fear of something wrong with me/feeling alienated or”‘different”
  • Overcome addictions – learn how to channel creative energy more constructively

“My healing sessions with Laurie are a delightful experience. Her approach is warm and compassionate. She combines different healing modalities and uses her intuition to get results that are eye-opening and effective.”
– Adrienne, painter & astrologuer, Malibu, CA

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