21 Ways To Soul Connect: Tap the Healing Power of the Real You

  • Ever feel stressed or anxious in traffic?

  • Ever feel like you’re on a hamster wheel getting nowhere?

  • Ever feel embarrassed or ashamed?

  • Ever feel like all the self-help books are not really changing anything?

There’s not much more annoying than feeling really bad or defeated and someone saying, “Cheer up,” or, “Be grateful for what you have,” – it’s the wrong moment.

Sometimes you want or need to wallow for a little while.  It can take some time to accept unconscious stuff coming to the surface to be learned from, healed, and released.

Everyone needs practical tools to handle overwhelming emotions and life’s other challenges.

When we’re in a suffering mode, it can be like we have amnesia about how to help ourselves, or as if there’s a strange resistance to feeling good again.

To break through the resistance, it’s helpful to have easy methods to quickly shift your perspective, raise your vibration, and tap your healing power and innate genius.  You can feel better by degrees, it doesn’t have to be a rush job.

The techniques and processes in this book put the power in your own hands.

21 Ways To Soul Connect offers a compilation of practical wisdom and quick easy tools to help you get yourself back on track.

Practice these techniques when you’re feeling good so they become habitual – healthy habits for the mind, body and spirit.  They will re-train your brain and soon you will have a more loving relationship with yourself.

“Your book is really nice and useful! Thank you!! It’s a kind of book we all should carry in our bags at all times.”

– Alicia Soler, Physicist at Delft University, Netherlands

“I was pleased to learn some new exercises for calming and positive thinking. Well done on putting in items from other cultures, too. The New Zealand and Hawaiian ones, along with all the others, seem very helpful.”

– Pamela Jaye Smith, MYTHWORKS

“I love this little book with reminders to breathe.”

– Alexis Krasilovsky, Author, Great Adaptations: Screenwriting and Global Storytelling


A thoughtful gift for yourself and someone you love.

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