by Jolé Morton

Online trolling, from an energetic perspective, mirrors hate. The hate and disdain we subconsciously feel for ourselves reflects back to us in digital form.

With social engagement having moved to digital platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc., trolls have become bolder and less self-aware.  Instead of being brave, doing, being and living, trolls have convinced themselves it is okay to hide behind a computer and take out their frustrations on those sharing aspects of their lives.

“If trolls discover something that will stop you, then that’s exactly what they’ll do.”
– Ragen Chastain

Oftentimes, troll behavior creeps in during times of change, growth or positive forward motion.

Change not only triggers the person going through the change, but those around them as well. Coming out of the comfort zone and taking risks means being met with doubters and haters.  Dream killers.  Those who want to exploit your weaknesses.  Nevertheless, haters aka trolls, are messengers from The Universe that you are on the right trackEspecially if what you’re doing makes you feel good and spreads positive energy.

One way to keep your energy balanced through the negativity, is to have a strategy of positive self-talk.

Have a few of your favorite affirmations memorized so when you start to believe the negativity and think of backing down, your internal support system can kick in and stoke the fires of motivation. Also, remember trolls are cowardly, and in order for us to avoid cowardice in our own lives it takes commitment and persistence.

Whatever you do, please do not give trolls your attention, time or energy.  The only thing a troll deserves is your pity.   Something has been broken within them and it remains up to them to get help.

So, in dealing with troll behavior, ignore it and keep going.  Stay grounded in the truth of who you are, and use troll energy as fuel: focus even more on your goals and let success, joy and self-love be your “weapons of troll destruction.”

Trolls have no personal power of their own.

They’re trying to exploit yours and when you react, it’s like air to them.  Suffocate them with your silence and resolve.

You are unique, you belong and your positive perspective deserves to be heard.

If you have experienced troll energy, and are hiding or shying away from social media because of it, please take back your power with this short meditation:

Additionally, if you require more information or coping techniques, please refer to this article by Ragen Chastain: The Complete Guide to Understanding and Dealing With Online Trolls.





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