Do you have a large vision or purpose? Have you ever had a big idea but weren’t sure if you could make it work? Get ready to be inspired and motivated by three very special guys who are breaking new ground in their own unique ways.

My guests are in very different fields but that have something in common: they’re all accomplishing big things by following their own inspiration. And they all happen to be African-American, so I call this episode, “Black Visionaries.” Guests: Michael Ajakwe, Jr., Romal Tune, Lawrence Ray Parker, Jr.

Michael Ajakwe, Jr.

Romal Tune

Lawrence Ray Parker, II

Featured Music:

“Closer To My Dream”   Goapele

“Use the Force”  Jamiroquai

“This Little Light of Mine”  from the album Sonic Praise (various artists)


Side Note:

In loving memory of Michael Ajakwe, Jr. who passed away May 31, 2018.  Being unaware of his illness, I was truly heartbroken to learn of his death.  What a painful reminder how important it is to stay in touch with people we care about.  Learn more about Michael.



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