by Laurie Lamson

Recently got to know an inspiring artist and change maker: Sera Golding-Young of .

Unsung Lilly consist of wife & wife musical duo, Sera and Frankie Golding-Young.

Together they create epic indie pop music with empower messages.

Sera writes and performs revolutionary lyrics while Frankie creates epic layers of vocals, atmospheric delays and earth rumbling sounds and performs most of the instrumentation.

Unsung Lilly is in the middle of a 12 songs in 12 months challenge, where they are recording and releasing a song every month for a year.

Welcome to Transformational Artistry

Together they created the Facebook group  a global community to come together and share any art with a message that inspires/awakens/heals/empowers.

With Sera Golding-Young checks out 21 Ways To Soul Connect at Agape’s Quiet Mind Bookstore


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