Unsung Lilly

by Laurie Lamson

Recently got to know an amazing music artist and would like to share her with you: Sera Golding-Young of Unsung Lilly.

You can hear her powerful voice and view her creativity in the above lyric music video.

Unsung Lilly is a British music duo, made up of Sera and her wife Frankie, a multi-talented married couple.

Imagine Florence & The Machine sat around in a room writing songs with Chris Martin, and Elizabeth Gilbert…with Adele stepping in on vocals… and you might get an idea of the sounds of Unsung Lilly.

Frankie performs most of the instrumentation and produces the recordings – creating layers of vocals, atmospheric delays, and earth rumbling sounds, while Sera writes and performs revolutionary, transformational lyrics, and produces their music videos.

Together they have formed a movement called Transformational Artistry for the purpose of World Transformation Through Entertainment.  Join here on Facebook to share and experience meaningful content in all media.

Sera Golding-Young of Unsung Lilly at Agape’s Quiet Mind Bookstore with Laurie’s 21 Ways To Soul Connect handbook.

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