The #MeToo movement / campaign has brought to the surface much suffering and trauma.

We see it as an opportunity for healing.

This is an extremely personal issue and also a societal problem. We need to become healed and empowered as individuals if we want our lives and our society to change for the better.

If you’ve ever been sexually harassed, humiliated, degraded, assaulted or traumatized, this healing clinic is for you.

Even if the experience(s) occurred a long time ago, you’re probably aware that feelings of humiliation, fear, powerlessness, and/or shame can get stuck in your emotional body or hang on unconsciously. Left unaddressed, these patterns can negatively impact different aspects of our lives and relationships in subtle and not-so-subtle ways.

Please note: this event is not a time to tell our stories, it is time to let them go and move into a healthier and happier space.

We are two medical intuitives who’ve spent years learning and developing powerful cutting-edge healing techniques and guided meditation designed to get to the core of stubborn issues and trauma. We are putting together a special healing plan for this event that will make a big difference.  (You can learn more about us and our philosophy here or in our interview with Voyager L.A. Magazine.)

Helping our sisters become more happy and healthy is very important to both of us and we hope you will be able to join us.


Date: Saturday, November 25, 2017

Time: 3-5pm

Location: 2001 S. Barrington Street, #204, West L.A., CA 90025

Parking: free in the building – park on 3rd floor

Cost: love donation




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