by Laurie Lamson

Connecting with my inner child on my birthday so I did one of my favorite things which is to walk on the beach.

One way to develop intuition and receive valuable information is to ask your Higher Self or guardian angel to present you with three messages while you go for a walk.  These were my messages and how I interpreted them.

Grounded Transformation

Lots of shells that look to me like butterflies, and butterflies represent transformation.  “Butterflies in the sand” jumped to my mind and I interpreted this message as transformation that is real and grounded, not fleeting or airy-fairy.


 Harmonious Relationship

A little girl and boy peacefully seeking shells together.  Watching these two kids  sharing the mission of collecting shells as a team was very heartwarming.

Powerful Energy Is Everywhere

I was surprised by this little explosion in a tide pool that reminded me of several things:

  • Powerful energy is all around us.
  • Getting “splashed” by a surprise can be a welcome wake-up call, a chance for a laugh, or an unpleasant experience, depending how we interpret it.
  • A narrow “tunnel” to focus our attention and energy can have a big impact.

Sun Sign: Cancer

The Crab is the symbol of my astrological sign Cancer so I took it as an extra message to find not one but two little crabs during my walk.  My horoscope on said that your birthday is naturally a day to honor yourself and a good time for new beginnings, so be ready for change, and starting a project is favored. 


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