Help for the Garbage Heart

JoleI0211by Jolé Morton

I know it sounds harsh, however, it is necessary for us to examine, even if only periodically, the thoughts and feelings going on in our hearts. Yes, I said ‘thoughts’ when referring to the heart because I believe the core of the subconscious dwells there.

Subconscious-ness permeates throughout every cell of our body, it is contained within our blood and conducts energy into our aura layer. When we are out of alignment with our true selves and fail to overcome self-sabotaging behaviors, it is because our subconscious (heart) and our consciousness (mind) are out of alignment with one another. Meaning, the heart is communicating, but due to the trauma (garbage) within our cells, the messages to the brain from the heart are short-circuiting.

We put quite a bit of emphasis on the mind, but in my experience, it is love – which comes from the heart – that has the power to transform. As a Theta Healer and Soul Medicine practitioner, I work with a client’s subconscious to transform conscious behaviors. Basically, I put the mind into a relaxing state so that the heart of the issue can come into focus. It is our heart chakra that bridges upper (intangible/spiritual) with the lower (tangible/physical.)

For example, oftentimes anxiety and stress are “sensations/feelings” which emanate from the chest area. People describe the sensation as butterflies, shortness of breath and/or a squeezing sensation. This is the subconscious communicating that the situation or thought is triggering a programmed unconscious pattern stored with in our cells. Causing us to react negatively or in ways that fail to serve our highest good.

One of the ways to begin changing these behaviors is by examining what is contained within our hearts and facing our deepest darkest selves. Asking our hearts to answer the questions – that we usually rely on our mind to work out for us. This is essential for integrating our shadow behavior with the Source of our highest selves. I advise all my clients to ‘drop their awareness into their heart chakra’ when meditating, interacting with others and when making decisions. The heart will tell you the truth. The mind has a tendency to obsess and deceive.

I realize that in some situations it is necessary to consult with the information stored in the annals of our mind, such as common sense; but if we really want to make decisions in alignment with what is most beneficial for ourselves and those around us, it is best to consult with our hearts. Because the heart is connected to love & compassion within the Universe helping us to remember the “former things of old’. The knowledge, although intangible, resonates within our cells. If only we would or could listen.

Nevertheless, the heart can be damaged by us failing to release past hurts and emotional injuries which blocks the truth within – akin to spiritual “scar tissue.” This is why it is important to breathe and self-partner (go within). When we self-partner, we move out of denial and begin listening intently to the messages our soul sends. This will assist us in recognizing the garbage stored in our hearts, so that we can begin to release it, which in turn opens up more space within the channels, allowing for clear communication between the heart and the mind. Hence, transforming negative actions into positive behaviors.

Some questions we can ask ourselves to facilitate the process are: Am I holding onto negative experiences and disappointments? Am I clear on what my boundaries are? Am I capable of forgiving and letting go of past hurts? Am I truly in touch with how I feel? Let your heart and body answer the questions. Let your mind relax and receive the messages.

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