We Are All Responsible

JoleI0211By Jolé Morton

San Bernardino was the latest tragedy mirroring the fact that we are all responsible for the negativity and pathological behavior being manifested within this realm. False flag conspiracies and government propaganda aside, we must face the fact that our individual negative behavior feeds this kind of mass destruction. How we treat ourselves and others contributes to our environment and our realities.

When we hurt, judge and send negativity towards individuals and institutions, it reverberates out into the world. I know this firsthand because lately I have felt this negativity in my life on a real level. I have felt this within myself and I have observed it in others. Quite a few people are going through rough times and feeling the vice grip of change. 

For the record, love is the only attribute that has the ability to transform negative energy into positive energy. The rose is a symbol of this transformative energy; which is why it is used to convey the message of love.

I challenge myself and everyone else to really let go of negative feelings and judgements we may want to place on ourselves and/or others. How do we do this? By first stopping and taking a breath. Then consciously dropping our thoughts down into our heart chakra. Let’s allow our hearts to speak and make decisions for us because oftentimes it is more in alignment with our highest self. Speak and act from that place first, then allow logic to inform action.

Stay away from the people and the things that upset you. I know it can be hard for those of us going through loss or betrayal, but let’s try and get ourselves to a place where we visualize positive outcomes; focusing our attention on the highest and best in ourselves and each other. This is a practice and a ritual that we can no longer afford to put on the back burner. People are dying and hurting because of ego madness. We each have the ability to at least – if nothing else – help turn the tide of negativity in our own environment by underscoring our actions with love. How do we do this? By cleaning up our own toxic behavior and responses to it.

Yes, I feel hate in my heart for certain institutions and people in this present moment; my ego would like to see certain individuals burn. This is just truth. I am not perfect. But I recognize that this thinking and feeling has to go. It is holding me back and contributing to the negativity in my life and our society. We can ask for help, but ultimately it is up to us, individually, to move towards changing this perspective. Please remember – We are most definitely our brother’s keeper and what goes on in our minds and our hearts become manifestations in the world.

Much love to you all.



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